22nd Jun 2012

Anonymous asked: Whole milk really is not good for you, hun. In fact, dairy products in general are terrible. We are the only species on this planet that continue to drink milk after we are weened from our mothers. We are also the only species that drinks milk from another species. It is unnatural for our bodies to break down and digest dairy. Almond milk has more nutritional value than anything that you can get from another animal.

I started drinking whole milk merely on principle - I refused to let any low-fat food or drink pass my mouth again. (Whenever I did, that let to me feeling sickly smug and just spurred my disorder on, which is not what I needed in my recovery.)

Then, I got curious about the whole saturated fat bonanza. I am very glad to say that my absolute, panicked, flat-out fear of saturated animal fats is completely, completely gone. I cannot even believe I used to eat ‘cholesterol-lowering’, bright yellow, low fat spreads, dairy-free yogurts, meat-free ‘meat’, etc., etc. It’s a relief, let me tell you; it’s allowed me to be more flexible with food than I’ve ever been. (of course, I’m still fine to eat Quorn, hemp milks, Sunflower spreads, etc., but I would never choose them when there’s the real, ‘fatty’ stuff available. It’s the best FUCK YOU to my ED I’ve ever managed to say.)

My view on whole milk, though, currently stands like this:

1. Our bodies cannot digest the protein or absorb the calcium from milk without the fat.

2. Vitamins A and D are also fat-soluble. So you can’t absorb them from milk when all the fat has been skimmed off. (This makes fortified skim milk the biggest sham of all — you can pump fat-free milk full of a year’s supply of vitamins A and D, but the body can’t access them). More

I approach almond milk with caution, because it is ridiculously low-calorie. Almond milk used to be my vice; I’d water it down, too, and flat-out refuse to consume any other sort of ‘dairy’.

Also, I am a firm believer in calcium coming form natural sources - calcium-fortified soya and other plant milks, for example, make so sense to me at all. I fear we’ll be seeing vitamin C-enriched meat products making an appearance soon, too…

But then again - if you are leading a vegan lifestyle due to your genuine moral beliefs, good for you. If you are leading a vegan lifestyle because you have convinced yourself that it’s healthy, and really you’re just terrified of saturated fat, then that can only spur your ED on.

Lots of love. :)

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