6th Aug 2012

zadeira asked: What exactly is a calorie-resticted diet? Is there a specific number to go by? Last year I lowered my calorie-intake to 1300 a day to loose my 100 lbs overweight. Is that calorie restriction?

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Basically explains it all. The DSM doesn’t officially say this, but sadly psychiatrists (well, in my experience, at least) only take a person ‘seriously’ if they eat <800 calories a day. Whenever I told people I ate ≈1400 they’d raise their eyebrows, look at my weight chart and go ‘oh that’s interesting, do you purge and exercise a lot then?’ and I’d awkwardly say no (truthfully) and whatever, it just annoyed me to no end.

1300 a day is very, very low. 1300 a day made me miserable, malnourished, weak, obsessive, and very ill. There’s no specific ‘number’ that’s the boundary for ‘restriction’; if you’re consciously restricting your calories to x, then that’s calorie restriction. In my one and only relapse, I restricted my calories to an arguably ‘healthy’ amount. I told my psychiatrist after a lot of awkward shuffling in my seat and blushing and wanting to die of embarrassment.

Her words? ‘I wouldn’t worry.’

I tell this woman on my treatment team that I’ve basically started obsessively planning my intake, buying a shit load of food, cooking then throwing it away (my very weird and disordered habit from the past), walking around ‘to be active and healthy’ like a compulsive maniac, lost a visible amount of weight, lost my period, became miserable and sleepless, and KNOW I AM IN RELAPSE AND WANT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, and what does she do?

"How many calories do you eat?" "1600-1700."

"Oh, I wouldn’t worry about it, then."

The bitch.

I pulled myself out of it completely alone.

No, but seriously, 1300 is very low. If your intake is making you obsessive, isolated and miserable, and you feel like you ‘have to’ reject food, then there’s a definite problem.

A calorie-restricted diet is one where the person restricts their calories and denies themselves food in the name of calories.

You can be on a ‘restricted’ diet of 2200, if you had to deny yourself food because it would bring you over your ‘allowance’. The number doesn’t matter, it’s the principle that’s important.

I hope this helped.

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