8th Aug 2012

avocadoqueen-deactivated2012123 asked: I'm recovering and I have an autoimmune disease (hashimoto's) that causes hypothyroidism, so if I eat anything over 1400, I consistently gain weight. (No lies, if I eat 1600 everyday for weeks, I gain a pound or two every week of real weight) and unlike other peoples' weight gains, mine doesn't stop, ever. We're still getting the medication figured out but I can't help but feel as if I'm at a huge roadblock in getting better. I don't know why I'm telling you but I just feel a little hopeless.

Have a look at my answer to this question, it’s very similar to yours.

Honestly, once the medication is sorted out, this will get better. The key here really is not how many calories you eat, but that your attitude to them is truly, truly healthy.

As for the weight gain side of things - are you around your ‘set point weight’, do you reckon? Don’t always look at weight gain as a bad thing; being able to gain weight without anxiety is what saves us.

Don’t feel hopeless; your body is just struggling at the moment, and when it gets better, you’ll feel better also.

Don’t be brought down by this. Please.<3

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