14th Aug 2012

Anonymous asked: Ok so I have a question about the set theory. If it's true, does that mean some people are designed to be obese or overweight? Why don't their bodies adjust to the amount of food they eat, and why don't they maintain?

'BMI overweight' ≠ 'bad'.

I know lots of people who are BMI 25, 26, 27, 28 even and do not look overweight in the slightest. My dad, now that I think of it, has a BMI of 28 and he’s in perfect, perfect health.

Most people’s BMIs average out at 21-25 (Asian cultures, as a general trend, end up slightly lower). Some naturally end up lower, some higher. This is totally normal and nothing to be ‘afraid’ of.

This is really good reading (‘Fat: No more fear, no more contempt’, external link).

Also, this question.

There’s a big, big difference between eating because you’re so damn hungry and eating because you’re feeling a shit emotionObviously, the first is to be listened to; the second, to be avoided.

The same principle applies to not eating - there’s a massive difference between not eating if you are genuinely not hungry, and not eating because you ‘feel fat’.

You might find my posts tagged #obesity a good read, also.

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