15th Aug 2012

Food and Exercise are not ‘Numbers’

Food is not +, and exercise is not -, and a small ‘net’ number is not the goal.

You are not a system. You are a human being who has better things to do.

Your weight is not an equation. You are not an equation. Living is not an equation.

Extract from my new favourite blog post:

How often do you hear someone say they need to “work off breakfast,” or that they spoiled their workout by eating some calorific food afterward?…

…reducing food to “calorie intake” and movement to “calorie expenditure” – setting them up as opposites, one cancelling the other out – disregards the real, complex, essentially human experiences of eating and moving…

…It also implies that the only reason a person would exercise is for the purpose of off-setting what they eat – that food is matter, and exercise anti-matter…

…You cannot reduce human life to a thermodynamic transaction. There is more to it than that…

Seriously. Read it.

In a nutshell, though: a person should never force themselves to ‘move’ in the name of ‘cancelling’ some sort of imaginary number. In fact, a person should not strive to ‘control’ said number, and therefore ‘control’ The Ultimate Number (i.e. the number on the scale).

Eating and moving, as in, you know, living, are not some sort of formula.

Be free.

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