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People learning about nutrition/reading nutrition labels does not, and will not, lead to pathological problem. You think teaching your children about what goes inside their bodies in unhealthy? What a joke. You don't understand what eating disorders really are.

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I don’t understand what eating disorders really are?? Jesus.

This has got to be the most ridiculous message I’ve ever received.

But, yes, I think that teaching children to count calories, sugars, and fat grams is very unhealthy. Teaching children how to eat - as in, really really eat properly - is healthy, and that doesn’t involve numbers or ‘guideline amounts’ at all. Children should be taught to eat according to their hunger, and not according to a number. I wish I knew how to all those years ago - instead, I’m having to relearn that now.

I really should have asked this earlier - what exactly is your experience with eating disorder recovery? Counting BMR calories is the worst possible way to recover from an eating disorder. This is not some ‘fitspo’ blog where I’m going to tell people to eat ‘high-quality’ 1500 calories in the form of unsaturated fats, wholegrain low-salt vegan food, and egg whites. This is where I talk about the necessity of flexibility and acceptance of yourself, in order to break free from the disorders that are killing us.

I hate to burst your bubble, but I did not spend 3 hours staring at my screen trying to think of a reply. Which ‘edit’ do you mean, the one where I inserted a link so other people can read and entertain themselves with your wise words or the one where I mentioned my disordered obsession with reading fitness and nutrition articles?

Also, please, everyone, if I have ever given you ‘wrong’ advice, tell me.

I said this before and you ignored me; if you want to send petty insults, do that to my own blog, not to here. And, if you want to say something mean, can you just get to the point already and either insult my family or tell me to kill myself. Those are the only things that truly upset me. Oh, that, and messages like this:

Yeah, yeah, it’s all true, I’m a fat fuck, I have no friends. Whatever, I get the point. Don’t even bother sending me a message telling me ‘all those things are true’, because I know they are, and someone’s already done that for you.

Replies in response to what you said, and very recent relevant replies from other people in general:

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dude no one is reading your little links in your answers. By reputable BMR I meant using a BMR is more reputable than a 40year old myth about calories. There is only one formula for women and one for men. Go read some journal articles


You mean the Harris-Benedict formula? There are also the Katch-McArdle, Mifflin and Hatfield formulas.

I’ve been reading nutrition and fitness articles for the last two years devotedly, even when I was on a hospital bed for a week. It was a disordered obsession that I barely broke away from. Thank you for the tip though.

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hahaha being from russia=ultimate fail

enlighten me. why?

'intelligent cool comeback' to this: [x]

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How have you never met anyone that uses the BMR? That makes sense seeing as your from the worlds most obese country. Every bloody PT and nutritionist uses it as a base. BTW That picture has been around for 20+ years. People clearly aren't eating or training the same as they were 20 years ago. Seeing as you are from america with no actual qualifications, maybe this blog should be shut down... Ignorance is bliss for you I see.

Oops, I’m from Russia, ultimate fail.

No, I have never met any real healthy person with a normal attitude to food who goes around counting their BMR. If a person feels the need to count their calories to control their weight, then their attitude to food is not right. People are hungry, people eat. End. It’s simple.

I know, and there’s a reason that picture’s been around for over twenty years. It’s pretty much the only sensible nutrition advice around. (Clearly you were trying to sound smart or something when you reminded me of an irrelevant fact to this discussion.)


Ignorance? Ignorance? I’m shaking with anger. Have you even read the blog?

I take it you’re a ‘health’ and calorie counting junkie?

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my god no wonder we're a nation of obese people. Telling people to eat 2000 plus calories??!!?!? Calculate your BMR (research it, use something reputable) and go from there and I think you'll find that you're using 400calories less. It's not about quantity of calories, it's about quality. Geeze

Here’s a similar anon to you, who also thinks I’m out on a quest to make the entire ED community obese. You might like reading this. [x]

People recovering from eating disorders need significantly more food than you’d think. Fact.

Teenagers need 2000+ calories. Fact. I’ve given countless links with evidence in previous posts, but just in case you can’t be bothered to look for them yourself: [x], [x].

Also, read this. Look, no mention of ‘restricting to your BMR’ anywhere. 

BMR is a fail. I have never met anyone who actually used their BMR. People eat according to their hunger, and this is foolproof. Besides, there are about four different BMR formulas I’ve seen out on the internet, each of which give different results. Please, anon, tell me which is The Reputable BMR you refer to?

Also; you think calories lead to obesity? Oh dear. I like to call this ‘American’ ignorance. Calories are not the enemy; it’s your attitude to them that makes the difference. Read this post and come back to me. [x] Oh, look; calorie intake decreased in the same period that average weight increased. What does this tell us?

Thank you for this question, I really enjoyed it.